It’s that time again! Liberty National’s Leadership Academy 101. We know you had to work pretty hard to qualify to attend this elite leadership development. And we’re glad you did and have arrived in McKinney, Texas! Your Agency Owners are also thrilled you found your way to the Home Office as you will undoubtedly learn some amazing new leadership strategies for success. So what can you expect this week?

Liberty_National_Life_Insurance_SpeakersAmazing speakers. Yes, the woofers in the Conference Center are pretty impressive. But we’re talking about the people who speak to you about leadership development. These talented individuals take time out of their busy schedules to pay it forward to you, so take good notes and ask lots of questions. The more you participate, the more you’ll get out of this leadership development.


Awesome Texas food. There’s an old saying at Leadership Academy: beef coma. As in you may be in one after eating all the great food we have in the Dallas area. Vegetarians, no worries. We’ve got your food too.


Fun. Yes, we will mentor you on how to be an effective leader, and you will have fun while growing and developing. It’s that simple.

You qualified to attend #LLA101, but let’s see exactly who’s in attendance. Shout out to your Agency in the comments below: