Liberty National Leadership AcademyUnfortunately, it’s time once again to say goodbye to all of you wonderful Agents and leaders of Liberty National. But don’t look so glum. Just because you’re returning to your home Agencies, doesn’t mean this has to be the last time you hear from the people you’ve met at Liberty National’s Leadership Academy. Be sure to keep in touch with all the important contacts you’ve made after you leave the Home Office. Who knows? Maybe one of the people you’ve met these past few days will help guide you towards a successful future at Liberty National.

Start Prepping for Liberty National Leadership Academy 301!

You’ve learned all you can at Leadership Academy 201, so now it’s time to bring that knowledge home with you and take it to the next level. Now that you’ve picked up some methods for cultivating a winning team of Agents, the next step is to lead them to becoming an even more successful business. If you want to find out how to do that, then get with your AO as soon as possible and start setting goals that will get you into Liberty National’s Liberty Academy 301.

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