It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year at Liberty National!Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit at Liberty National? Looking forward to spending quality time with your family and friends? Enjoy! You deserve it!

Liberty National Reflects on a Great Year

Take time during the holidays to reflect on next year’s theme – ‘I Believe’. What does this theme mean to you? How will you make a difference in 2014? Evaluate the progress you’ve made in 2013 and decide what you want to accomplish by this time next year.

There are specific systems and procedures you can follow to be successful and exhibit your belief in Liberty National. Take advantage of this critical time of year to decide what you believe in, why you believe it, and how your conviction will help you grow. Prioritize your goals and let them be known. Tell leaders, family members, friends, Twitter followers … whoever you can! Believe in yourself, your Agency, and Liberty National. You have the incredible opportunity as a Liberty National Agent to protect American families by providing much needed coverage.

Happy Holidays!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the great things coming up next year. Brace yourself for what will be one of the most outstanding years yet.

What are your plans for Christmas and celebrating the New Year?