Wining and Dining with Liberty NationalNew Orleans is known for its Creole and French cuisine. Visitors from all over the world are intrigued by the Creole-style cooking and extraordinary culinary traditions Louisiana offers. Whether you want something spicy, or crave fresh sea food from surrounding waters, the city’s chefs can prepare the best. Do you enjoy eating at places unique to a city? The #LNLConvention2014 location is full of one-of-kind, scrumptious restaurants for visitors to indulge in.

Liberty National Has So Many Choices!

Liberty National Agents can enjoy Brennan’s Restaurant. Family owned with a strong influence of Irish heritage, the restaurant is different than other Cajun venues, and is a legacy in fine dining. Check out Mr. B’s Bistro! The restaurant’s unordinary gumbo is recognized as one of the city’s favorite Louisiana-style dishes. Visitors also flock to Galatoire’s Restaurant, home to a 100-year-old culinary tradition*.

From classic restaurants to hip new dining destinations, New Orleans has it all! Where are you interested in going with Liberty National?

* 2013