Well, I did my best.”

Well, they just didn’t seem too interested.”

Well, ya’ win some, ya’ lose some.”

Why is it we tell ourselves these things?

As insurance Agents, we’re not going to get the results we desire each and every day in the field. A harsh reality, but it’s also what makes our career so exciting; the idea that every time out, we start fresh. Each new kitchen table at which we sit or worksite in which we give a presentation is a blank slate. The question is … do we treat it as such? We must. If not, we may paint the same tired picture over and over again, all while expecting new, improved results.

Another harsh reality:  those results won’t come if we continue to rationalize why we don’t achieve all we hope to. Results only come when we demonstrate the resiliency that characterizes the most driven of Liberty National Agents. How? By learning new things, changing our sales techniques, and implementing new approaches in the field.

This necessity for fresh knowledge and cutting-edge sales techniques highlights just how important Liberty Leadership Academy (LLA) is in implementing our Company’s vision. Led by – who else? –  the leaders of our Company, LLA is intended to instill new sales and Branch-building techniques to the Agents, Managers, and future leaders of Liberty National. It’s intended to teach the Agents and Managers of our Company to never rationalize a lack of results, but rather, to learn; to grow both personally and professionally.

Branch Manager Cedric Higgins will be the first to tell of the importance of LLA’s message:  “The great thing about the Academy,” he says, “is you get good Agents and Managers out there with the potential to move up, and they come out of the Academy with all the confidence and knowledge they need to do just that!”

Until the next LLA rolls around and the next avalanche of wisdom spills forth, keep tuning in to the My Liberty Life for your weekly dose of Liberty National knowledge. Have a great day, and remember – never be content with rationalizing. After all, why make an excuse when instead, you can make a change?

What changes have you made in your professional life over the past year? Did you see a change in results?