Liberty National Life Director Bernard Blassingame

Liberty National Life Director Bernard Blassingame

What makes your eyes sparkle? What makes your heart beat louder? What gets your fire burning brightly until you can’t wait to get up in the morning and get your day started? What ignites your passion when it comes to your career?

Some people are motivated by their rank in their office. Others are motivated by their rank in the Company. Some people have a certain monetary goal that they wish to achieve by a certain time. Others hearts’ quiver when they explain how beneficial our products will be to someone’s family or business.

You might want to make more money, improve your lifestyle, or do any number of things that your daydreams are filled with. By looking closely at what you want, you begin to understand the real reason you want it. That becomes your motivation, which helps you to be more prepared to take action.

Whatever your passion is, use it to succeed:

1)      Find your motivation.

2)      Make a plan to achieve your goal to include whatever your motivation is.

3)      Make time your friend, not your enemy; don’t waste time, use time wisely.

What’s your passion at Liberty National Life Insurance Company?