What is MyLibertyLife.com all about?  YOU.  Liberty National Agents and Managers, it’s ALL about YOU and for YOU.  Liberty Leadership Academy is prestigious.  Exclusive.  Those with determination, drive, passion, and intense initiative are selected to rub shoulders with Liberty National’s top leaders and producers.  Learn tricks of the trade from successful, dynamic speakers, and most of all, get fired up and motivated like never before to take that Leap of Faith to the next level.  This is YOUR blog. Read it.  Stir up some competition.  Interact online with the elite Academy attendees and speakers.

Post comments.  Lots of them.  Right now.

Torch Magazine staff will be on hand throughout the Leadership Academy to help bloggers (YOU) post during breaks and lunch.

Game on.

However, only one of you can be the FIRST to comment on this inaugural post.  The first UNIT MANAGER to submit a comment to this blog post will be recognized during Leadership Academy with a special award, and the winner will be announced to the whole world via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Who’s going to be the MyLibertyLife.com WINNER???