Way Back Wednesday – What’s in a Name?Did you know the seed for Liberty National was planted back in August of 1900? Liberty National’s predecessor, the Heralds of Liberty, was a fraternal organization that strived to spread relief to members, widows, and children. In 1921, the Company’s name became Liberty Life Assurance Company, and in 1929, the Company was incorporated as a stock company becoming Liberty National Life Insurance Company. The name stuck and the Company is widely recognized as an industry leader.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime with Liberty National

Do you think the founders knew how many people ‘The Opportunity of a Lifetime’ would impact, or how many lives would be touched by LNL products? After all these years, providing coverage people need and taking care of customers remains the driving force of our Company.

How long have you been with Liberty National? What positive changes and systems have helped Agents prosper and be so successful?