Way Back Wednesday with Liberty National – Annual Convention Are you on track to qualify for #LNLConvention2014? This year’s Convention will be in the unique, jazzy, festive, city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Work hard to qualify, and then get ready to celebrate your success Big Easy-style!

Liberty National Delivers Year After Year!

In the past, Liberty National has taken Agents all over the world on extravagant trips to congratulate them for their accomplishments. Destinations including the Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, Miami, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C., have all hosted LNL’s annual Convention in previous years. The chance to be recognized for your achievements, and the opportunity to travel, all expenses paid, to a fun location every year, should make you set goals high with Liberty National.

Have you qualified for Liberty National Convention in the past? Where have you traveled with the Company? Share some of your best memories with us!