Before I began my career with Liberty National in 2011 I was a regional sales manager with another insurance carrier. I was enticed to join Liberty National because of the unlimited growth opportunities I saw. I recently opened my own Agency office in Chicago, where the city’s market and number of potential Agency Owners is unlimited.

No Limits at Liberty National

An Unlimited Future with Liberty National!I set no limits for my career. Since becoming an Agency Owner, I’ve been able to witness the long-lasting success of the Agents I hire who help my Agency provide more insurance coverage to our customers. The most rewarding part of being an Agency Owner is getting to see such tremendous growth and success in the people I bring into my Agency.

The products we represent can help families keep everything they’ve worked for after they’re faced with the death or catastrophic illness of a loved one. My Agency offers the best career opportunities for income and growth, not only in Northern Illinois, but also in Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, and Michigan. There are no limits at Liberty National when it comes to offering the Opportunity of a Lifetime to others.

The number of people I can offer this opportunity to is outstanding. In other industries you find hard work, dedication, and the desire to grow is often met with glass ceilings, smaller paychecks, and the inability to build an impactful legacy. ‘Ownership’ is not just a word for me. It’s a mindset and lifestyle that provides me with the chance to share my passion with new recruits and my Agency. Here the playing field is level, and the opportunity is open to anyone willing to work for it.

I Believe

Liberty National’s ‘I Believe’ theme for 2014 really hits home with me. I believe my Agency has new, upcoming leaders and Agents in place to experience explosive growth like we’ve never seen before. I know the executive leadership team is committed to each Agency and wants to equip us with the development tools and training necessary to help every Agent No Limits at Liberty Nationalfulfill their dreams. Agents have the opportunity to help others get coverage, build a personal legacy, and provide for their families. This isn’t just a dream, it’s an achievable reality that can happen for each and every one of us who has the will to think big and work hard.

Remember how crucial it is to eliminate factors that hold you back in your career. When you set large goals, both your conscious and subconscious go to work and you can begin your plan of action. You’ll start asking yourself the tough questions and deciding what your focus and priority needs to be in order to reach objectives. You might find yourself coming up with amazing ideas that enable growth or help you resolve problems that have gotten in your way in the past. The more you remind yourself and others about your ambitions, the more your mind will work out ways to be successful. You have to set large goals and dream big if you want to take your career to the next level! Exerting effort, time spent, and ambition at a mediocre level won’t be effective if you want to be the best.

Don’t set any kind of limits on the dreams and expectations you have for yourself. If you want to be an Agency Owner or move up the career ladder, make a conscious decision to do just that, and believe in the legacy you’re creating. Set goals and live every day to exceed those goals. Ask others for their input and help each other stay accountable. We all want to provide a better life for our families, and desire and a strong work ethic are what you need to achieve greatness at Liberty National. This opportunity is never limited, and the future is in your hands. What will you do with it?