Liberty National’s insurance Agents use Twitter like a Caribbean breeze. Cool and gently. It’s literally a tropical breath of fresh air to see your tweets, retweets, and favorites. You guys are engaged and live to recognize your team members. Spread good news. Inspire each other. Initiate friendly competition. It’s absolutely magnificent to see LNL Agents, Managers, and Home Office leaders tweeting the spirit of Liberty National.

That’s really what Twitter is about. Action. The here and now. Tweeting is so popular because it’s easy. Fast. Right now. Short and to-the-point.

Using Twitter at Liberty National

Do not worry if you don’t have a lot of time. Twitter keeps you to 140 characters. Characters, not words. Twitter requires creativity and conciseness when you tweet.

Agents and Managers can tweet in between appointments. During lunch. During a Snickers break at the office. Point is, tweeting doesn’t and shouldn’t take a lot of time.

Leaders Tweet at Liberty National

Sami Nizam is on Twitter. Roger Rich is on Twitter. Rob Gray is on Twitter. Ever heard of those guys?

Join them on Twitter. Many of your peers are also on Twitter. Social Media keeps you connected to those you meet along your journey at Liberty National.

While Twitter is fast and simple, always, always keep in mind your professional online image. Your professional online image is SO important that I want to repeat what I just said. Always, always think before you tweet.

Stay in the Know at LNL

If you aren’t on Twitter, you may miss some great stuff. Like recognition from the Home Office. When a sister company names a Major League Ballpark. Late-breaking news. Convention updates. Contest updates.

Don’t miss out. When you attended Leadership Academy 101, you gained lots of knowledge on Twitter, so apply it today and set up that Twitter account. When you do, be sure to follow Liberty National on Twitter: @LibertyCareers.

Share below what Liberty National leaders you follow on Twitter and why.