Liberty National explores trends, hashtags, and what they mean for your business.



Trending is the new trendy. When you want to know what people are talking about, head to Google’s What’s Hot or Twitter to discover trending topics and take part in the frenzy. From #IggyAzalea to the #EmmyNoms to the #ChicagoCubs, your favorite (and least favorite) celebs, shows, movies, politicians, teams, and current events spend their 15 minutes of fame in the trending topics. Join the conversation by mentioning a trending phrase or hashtag in your posts.

But, as a Liberty National leader, you can take your trek into trending a step further. Use the buzz around trending topics to promote your business and establish yourself as a thought leader on Social.

Hashing out Hashtags

Hashtags (used on Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine) give you the power to search trending topics and check out the word on the street about any hashtagged terms in your feed. In English? Click on the blue words with the pound signs in front of them to see what other people are saying about those topics.

Pound signs. Trends. Feeds. What’s it all mean for you?

Let’s say you’re on Twitter and you notice #BossAppreciationDay is trending (you’d see it in a list of words in the left column of your Twitter feed, under ‘Trends’). You click on the hashtagged phrase and this tweet pops up:

I’d like 2 appreciate my boss. If I had 1. #unemployed #BossAppreciationDay

Ah, now you get it, you Liberty National superstar. This is your golden opportunity to reach out to this Twitter user and potentially gain a personal recruit. The opportunities for these kinds of interactions are endless, as 500 million tweets are sent out everyday*. Think of the possibilities!

Start talking trending in your Office, and if you haven’t really understood a single word in this blog, check with your Agency Owner about Liberty National’s Social Media Playbook, or visit our Official Social Media sites to get up to speed!

Let me know in the comments below:  Can you think of other ways hashtags and trending topics can expand your recruiting base to build your growing team?


*, 2014