Can you believe it’s been 30 days since Liberty National Leadership Academy 101? You’ve had time to process what you learned and are taking steps to become a true leader. Have you talked with your Agency Owner about setting goals to get you into Leadership Academy 201? To help you get started, just remember what you learned from some of Liberty National’s rock stars, like AO Michele Sellors.

There is No Try

At Leadership Academy 101, Sellors invoked Yoda’s famous line from Star Wars to sum up her stance on leadership: “Do or do not. There is no try.” Now, Liberty National may not teach you to move boulders with your thoughts like a Jedi, but it is important to have the same mindset if you want to grow your Agency. Are you putting in the maximum effort possible to accomplish your goals? Becoming a successful leader all depends on how much of yourself you’re able to put towards this new position.

Take Ownership with Liberty National

As you take on a leadership role at Liberty National, it’s also important to think of yourself as the owner of your future. Being a leader means taking responsibility for building your Agency and finding ways to strengthen your team. You picked up a lot of tips and advice at Leadership Academy 101, but which ones have you put to use? Ultimately, you’re in charge of your own destiny at Liberty National.

You’ve Got the Talent, Make it Happen!

You were chosen to attend Liberty National’s Leadership Academy for a reason. You’ve proven to be a talented Agent, so now is the time to show you can be a talented leader as well.  Apply what you learned at Leadership Academy 101 and become the exceptional leader we know you are.

While you’re at it, put your new Social Media skills to use, and tell us in the comments how you plan to take ownership of your future.