Louis Norrell- Liberty National Life Director

Louis Norrell- Liberty National Life Director

Recently my wife and I were privileged to keep our “grand-dogs” for the weekend while our daughter vacationed at the beach. The “grand-dogs” are cute little white dogs that you have to put a leash on when you take them outside so they will not run away. Running away at our house would not be a good thing.

As my wife and I returned Sunday from eating lunch across the street, we were shocked to see the front door of our house standing wide open. Both dogs were in the yard, without leashes, playing, barking, running, and jumping as dogs love to do. They hadn’t even thought of running away.

Do you live and work like someone left the gate or door open for you to run through? What does that look like?

As an Agency Builder (Assistant UM) at Liberty National, would that freedom cause you to intentionally hire new manager trainees every week in order to build your team? Would you realize that you can grow your business as big as you can dream and that you can enjoy the journey? Would you memorize the scripts and teach them by the book? In the personal insurance market, would you embrace both call clinics (Monday and Thursday) in order to guarantee enough appointments to be successful every week? Would you work Friday evening and make Saturday morning appointments when people really wanted to see you? In the worksite market, if the “leash” was off, would you commit to the 55 field contacts required each week to ensure that a new case is closed and enrolled? You are free to do all of these things. The door is open. Don’t let people keep a “leash” on you and never keep a “leash” on others.

What are you waiting for? The door to success at Liberty National is open! Run for it!