#LLA101 filled your mind (and your leadership strategy) with awe-inspiring insight from Liberty National’s top leaders two months ago. But you’ll need to implement more than advice to reach the next level in your career. You need to train your brain to think like the esteemed Liberty National leader you are. After all, you qualified to attend the 101, so you’re destined to be a big deal!

You may not be an Agency Owner yet, but now is the perfect time to start thinking like one. Agency Owner Vickie Ketron is here to share why having the mindset of an Agency Owner will propel you toward your next goal:  Leadership Academy 201.

Liberty National Agency Owner Vickie Ketron on Ownership

Start Acting Like a Liberty National Agency Owner

As Vickie points out, a perk of being a Liberty National Agent is you are your own boss. But being the boss means you are in control of how far you’ll go in your career. Put in the effort, implement what you’ve learned at Leadership Academy 101, and you may qualify with the best to return to McKinney, Texas, for #LLA201!

Tell us in the comments section how you’ve been taking ownership of your career in your Liberty National Agency.