“Take those chances and you can achieve greatness, whereas if you go conservative, you’ll never know. I truly believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Even if you fail, learning and moving on is sometimes the best thing.” –Danica Patrick

Successful Women in History: Danica PatrickDanica Patrick is a female American NASCAR driver widely recognized for her racing and impactful career.

Danica is the only woman to win the IndyCar Series, and her third place win at the Indianapolis 500 gave her the highest win ever for a woman in her sport. She competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series as well as the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Earlier this year she became the fastest pole qualifier since 1990, and is the first woman to win at Daytona*.

Despite criticism for what some think is an unfair advantage due to her low body weight as a female, Danica has never given up. She continuously pursues her dream of being the best. She’ll be sponsored by GoDaddy.com through 2014, and is living proof to all that auto racing isn’t just a man’s sport.

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