Why do we recruit at Liberty National? To grow! But what is the first thing you must have to successfully recruit? You must have a vision. It must be a vision so exciting you can’t wait to share it. You must sell that vision every day to yourself and everyone in your Agency. While you stand in front of the mirror shaving or putting on makeup, while you eat breakfast, while you drive to the office … belief in the vision is a 24/7 deal. You can only sell the dream to others when you totally believe it yourself.

Success at Liberty National Begins with Recruiting

Success at Liberty National Begins with Recruiting

Recruiting Goals

What is your goal as a recruiter? Get the right people in place to do the job … and help them become winners. But how do you accomplish that? The biggest challenge to recruiting is getting people in the door, so everyone in your organization must be a recruiter. Only then can you create a culture of growth. Recruiting keeps you motivated to succeed. When you recruit, you talk about the dream; you talk about your recruiting process, which should be motivational and inspiring. You talk about the vision and get excited about it all over again. When you validate the vision every day, you can more easily deliver on the promise. It’s the idea of ‘pay it forward’. Believe in the opportunity yourself and you will lead others to that same belief … who will lead others … and so on and so on. Because you believe in the Opportunity of a Lifetime, others will too, and that belief will continue to expand and develop.

If recruiting is the first step, training is the second. Invest time in training. Don’t tell them how to do it; show them how to do it. Recruits are an investment in your future and that of your Agency. Educate them. Help them to learn to do things the right way from the beginning. It will pay off huge dividends for them and you. Along with creating a winning culture, don’t be afraid to make changes. Keep the vision in front of you all the time. Determine what is working to support that vision and what isn’t and change what isn’t. We won’t ever be complacent and think there is only one way to do things. If changing a process or system can bring us greater success, we will embrace it.

I Want Liberty National to Feel Invincible

The past is past. I want you to feel invincible. I want you to wake up in the morning and feel spectacular and go to bed at night and feel a sense of accomplishment. And I want you to be able to do that every day!

Remember we are a partnership. Partners always have each other’s best interests at heart and work to help each other succeed. And that is exactly what we’re going to do.