The Leadership Academy strategies you’ve implemented with your team are now 60 days strong. You’ve been jamming out to ‘Happy’ for two months. And the resounding words of SVPs Rob Gray and Sami Nizam are your soundtrack for success. While your leadership dreams are taking shape, refocus on what type of leader you strive to be.

You already lead a team, but, as Agency Owner and Council of Champions member Sherri Young pointed out, the strongest leaders are the ones who attract other leaders. Check out the video below for her message to you on inspiring growth.

Agency Owner Sherri Young on Strength

Find Your Strength With Liberty National!

Look at yourself and your team. Ask, “Do these people follow me because they have to or because they want to?” Don’t just expect them to support you – make sure you support them in return. After all, the more you influence people and play to their best qualities, the stronger your team will become.

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