Social Media Skepticism

How many of you thought Social Media was a fad? I admit, I was certain it was fly-by-night phase and thought it would be surpassed by another technological advancement in our society. Well, I was wrong. Social Media is not a fad. No other technology has been able to rival the popularity and influence Social Media has had in the marketplace today. In fact, the news consistently reports on new social platforms being developed and existing ones adding enhancements or new features.

Leveraging Social Media at Liberty NationalSocial Media is not going away. Of that I am now sure.

Once I got my mind wrapped around this new concept of communicating and marketing, I decided I needed to fully get behind any and all initiatives to help grow the Torchmark family of businesses, as well as determine how we could support our field operations and recruiting initiatives. While Social Media is real-time, as life happens, every Agency Owner needs a business plan for how they will manage their Social Media, as well as define what ROI they desire from Social Media. Here are three questions each Liberty National Agency Owner should ask:

  1. What results do I want from Social Media?
  2. Who is going to manage my Social Media?
  3. How am I going to inspect and measure my Social Media effectiveness?

Social Media Results

Some of you may not even realize that you should expect results from your Social Media efforts. But now that you do, you should set some measurable expectations for your business. Here are a few results you may desire to achieve:

  • Increased communication with your existing team. If you have a lot of Millenials in your office, they are already connected on Social Media, so why not communicate in a way that best suits their generation?
  • Increased exposure – free PR. You should focus on getting as many ‘Likes’ on your Agency Facebook page or Twitter ‘Followers’ – because when you do, more people will learn about your ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’. The person you designated to oversee your Social Media initiatives will need to identify creative opportunities to drive traffic to your Social Media accounts.
  • Leads. You should expect to receive recruiting leads and possibly customer leads, if your Social Media is planned strategically.

Social Media Management

Some of you may need to hire a person dedicated exclusively to your Social Media initiatives. If you have a large office or multiple locations, yes, you should consider investing in a person you can trust to garner desired results. You will see a return on your investment if your Social Media is managed properly.

Social Media Opportunities at Liberty National

I believe each Liberty National Agency Owner can maximize business opportunities by taking advantage of all Social Media has to offer, for free. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not going away. So take a tip from me and embrace it now, before you regret not taking advantage of its powerful influence and vast reach.

Share with me in the Comment section below how your office is leveraging Social Media.