Social Media Network at Liberty National

Who’s in Your Liberty National Social Network?

Communicating and interacting with people. Sharing information. Connecting to people from the past or new friends.  Making recommendations.  All of these actions happen on Social Media.

Connect with People on Social Media

Social Media is where people come to hang out, virtually, and stay updated on what’s going on – right now.  Social Media has replaced traditional communication methods, like phone calls and emails.  You no longer have to wait to see Cousin Eddie at Christmastime.  Keep up with Eddie’s adventures by following him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and so on.  Eddie may even has a blog that you follow. Or a Pinterest account.

Social Media Propels You to a New Level at Liberty National

The point is, Social Media is not going away.  It’s growing and will continue to grow.  Like a Chia Pet, only much, much cooler.  More and more Social Media platforms continue to be created and existing ones enhanced with new features.  You might not love Social Media or feel you don’t have time for one more thing, but at the end of the day, it’s not about what you like or have time to fit in your schedule.  It’s about what are you willing to do to grow your business.  Your business. Are you willing to implement new strategies, such as Social Media?  Are you willing to get creative, such as on Social Media?  Are you willing to invest a little time to learn something new, such as Social Media?

Growing Your Business at Liberty National

Social Media is just like going to the gym.  You either make time for it, or you suffer consequences of your jeans fitting too tight.  You ultimately have the power to control your weight, just like you have the control to grow your business.  You have to decide how important it is to you in order to work into your schedule.  It may mean sacrificing and finding serious inner discipline.  When it becomes important enough to want and need results, you will make the time for it, no matter what it is.  When you think about what one more policy could mean to your bottom line, or how five new team members could impact your team’s financial goals, wouldn’t you be willing to use a new recruiting method, like Social Media?

Personal Recruit for Liberty National Using Social Media

Social Media is one of the best places for personal recruiting.  The ‘friends of friends’ networking opportunities are countless. And where do people, who are miserable in their current job or don’t have a job, go to find a new job?  Social Media.  Even people with jobs are on Social Media.  All. The. Time.  Social Media is like New York City.  It never sleeps.  It’s open 24/7.  You. Never. Know … who may see your post about that new BMW 7-series you just got.  Or the service project your office just completed.  Or the trip to #LNLConvention2014 in New Orleans that was paid for by Liberty National Life Insurance Company.

Facebook Recruiting

Facebook is where you can reconnect with old high school buddies and connect to friends of their friends.  Facebook is where life happens.  People post updates on what they’re doing now, or something funny that happened.  It should be enjoyable and communicative but always, always professional. Plus, it’s FREE.

Twitter Recruiting

If you self-diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, this is the Social Media platform for you.  Twitter limits you to 140 characters in each Tweet, so it has to be short and sweet.  Twitter is an amazing platform when you want to follow certain news or get daily doses of inspiration.  The information comes to you in a news feed and is always, always updating.  Twitter is also a great platform to use to recognize team members.  Plus it’s FREE and quick.  It would take you less than 30 seconds to tweet in between appointments.

Pinterest Recruiting

Pinterest has the best linking opportunities of all Social Media platforms.  On Pinterest you can create virtual corkboards and pin things you like the most, such as four-wheelers, Alabama Roll-Tide, barbecue, whatever.  On Pinterest you can connect with people who share the same interests as you.  For example, if you’re interested in Liberty National, you can pin a blog post from Liberty National’s Official Blog on your Career board.  You never know when someone following you on Pinterest may be looking for a new opportunity.  And this one is also FREE.

Qualify for the Next Liberty National Leadership Academy Course

Don’t underestimate Social Media.  It’s up to you what to do with it.  Start small.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Pick one Social Media platform that interests you most and start building a network.  You have The Opportunity of a Lifetime with Social Media, and it can help you achieve your goals to qualify for the next Liberty National Leadership Academy.  Share how you’ve used Social Media to network and connect with others in the Comments section below.