At Liberty National, we’re always talking about the importance of recruiting. We all know recruiting is the foundation for our success as individual Agencies and as a Company, just as proper parenting is the foundation of our success as parents and families.

Prepare Recruits

When you expect a child, you paint, rearrange, reorganize, and bring in the furniture and accessories that little boy or girl needs when they arrive. But the birth is just the beginning, isn’t it? As the years go by, you continue to provide for your child, giving them what they need, and perhaps a bit too often what they want, to help them grow into happy, productive members of society. But the most important thing you do for them is love them.

Show Them the Love at Liberty National

Show Them the Love at Liberty National

Recruits are not so different from our children. A lot of preparation and work goes into the birth and rearing of our children, and a lot of preparation and work goes into finding and retaining new recruits. But, as with our children, it is so worth it.

Greater success for Liberty National begins with recruiting, but it doesn’t end when they show up for work on Monday; it really just begins. It’s your responsibility to inspire, to motivate, to train, and to love them … just the way you do your kids. When you give your recruits what they need, you get back what you want. If they know you care for them, they do their best for you. Show them the love and get it back tenfold.

Comfort Zones at Liberty National

We are getting out of our comfort zones and redirecting the minds and hearts of those we lead. The most important thing we do, whether Agency Owners, Agency Directors, Supervising Agents, or Agents, is to develop and encourage those around us. If we do that on a daily basis, failure is not even possible.

The journey is just beginning, my friends, and it is getting more exciting with each passing month. Whenever I take part in an Agency Owner meeting or Liberty Leadership Academy, I come away revitalized and renewed for success. The talent within Liberty National is truly amazing. We can achieve whatever we want to achieve … together. There are no limits to our success. It’s there for the taking. We need only to believe. Are you with me?