Liberty National Leadership Academy 201 had you revved up and ready to soar! Three months later and you’re well on your way to piloting your team straight to the top. All that’s left to do now is shift into high gear and score an invitation back to the Home Office for Liberty National Leadership Academy 301.

As an #LLA201 grad, you’re flying high and full of ideas to help build your team into a rockin’ success. But your mission doesn’t end there! Your leadership captain SVP Sami Nizam is here to issue a challenge to keep you striving toward #LLA301 so you can become a true top gun.

SVP Sami Nizam’s 301 Challenge

Liberty National Leadership Academy 301:  Do You Have the Right Stuff?

So there you have it, #LLA201 grads. The challenge has been issued. If you want to land back at the Home Office for Leadership Academy 301, you’ll need to stay focused and determined and keep applying your 201 strategies. Like Sami said, he’s looking for standout performers who have shown they are ready to take the next step in their Liberty National journey.  So suit up, stealthy ADs, and get set to enjoy the ride!

Is #LLA301 on your radar? Are you fired up and ready to accept Sami’s challenge? Comment below and let us know!