Maybe the thought of heading back to school thrills you. Maybe it brings back dreaded memories. But don a fresh outlook from your days of practicing reading, writing, and arithmetic. Liberty National’s #LLA201 is a school where you’ll study up on effective leadership skills.

The Liberty National Leadership Academy Syllabus

  • CAO/EVP Steve DiChiaro will be in the house to share his leadership vision with you. Get ready to take notes – you won’t want to forget his insights.
  • The Social Media Station will be open during breaks and the last half of lunch. We’ll have prizes, guidance, and plenty of tools to take your Agency’s online presence to the next level.
  • Delicious meals await you! Don’t expect any school cafeteria food at Liberty National Leadership Academy. We’re ready to treat you like the super star you are.

Welcome to your first day of #LLA201. Class is in session and we’re fired up! Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to gaining in the next two days.

Set your sights on Liberty National Leadership Academy