Dennis Case - Liberty National Life Director

Dennis Case – Liberty National Life Director

As the year ended, I took time to reflect on the difference that 12 months can make.

During our last meeting in Las Vegas, I felt we really came together as a team and are a group of people who genuinely care and want to move this great Company forward. The ideas and the systems have been installed and executed by some with lightning speed, while for others, things haven’t happened as quickly. Though each Branch has differences, I know each Branch shares one vital, common thread – if you want to grow in this business, you must recruit. It is the life blood of any Branch, and recruiting for growth takes an everyday commitment from ALL of your team.

Does your team know your passion number? And, more importantly, do they know how to get there? Do you know what each FYA is worth to your Branch? Does your team understand the end goal of recruiting is growth? Truly understanding the value of each FYA not only affords you the pride of hitting your goal, but also creates dollars that are life changing for everyone involved. If your team understands this, they will also understand this affords the Branch new office space, better contests, color copiers, and whatever else you can think of that enhances your Branch.

This only occurs if your team understands all advancements begin with recruiting for growth, and it is everyone’s responsibility to become the DNA of your office.  Our perspective and how we communicate the importance of career briefings, personal observational recruiting, both old and new, creates a culture of winners.

This is a culture that understands the importance of hiring like-minded people who want to be in management. These are people who want to build their own teams and have timelines and goals that are measurable and for which each individual can be held accountable.  And, as we hold each other accountable, we build long and lasting relationships through the shared attitude of caring.

In the words of Vince Lombardi, “Every game, you’ve got to play from the ground up.” Most importantly, you’ve got to play with your heart. If you play with a lot of your head, and a lot of your heart, you’re never going to come off the field second.

Does everyone on your team know their passion number? Do they know what it will take to meet that passion number?