What’s up Liberty Leadership Academy attendees?  Are you psyched?  Ready for Day 1?

Yeah, Leadership Academy feels like thisMaybe you felt like this rollin’ into the Home Office in the seriously decked out charter buses (see LibertyNationalIns on Facebook for photos).

Attendees, this is what Liberty National Leadership Academy should feel like.  Cool, fun, and exciting!!  Let today’s dynamic speakers blow your hair back with motivation, inspiration, and words of wisdom.  Today you’re going to learn about recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting.

And more recruiting.

Today’s AWESOME speakers include:

  • Rob Gray
  • Steve DiChiaro
  • Roger Rich
  • Tim Nuckolls
  • And, put your hands together, President and CEO Roger Smith.

Now it’s your turn to talk.  This blog is all about YOU.  What was the best part of Day 1 for YOU?