Any Liberty National Book Clubbers in the house? You’re in good company – the authors of our picks have inspired countless Liberty National leaders. Last year’s #LNLConvention2013 attendees shared a meet and greet with the man himself:  John Maxwell! And your Leadership Academy 201 mentor Agency Owner Steve Harris is a big fan of Jeb Blount’s People Follow You: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership.

Sixty days may have flown by since #LLA201, but do you remember Steve’s emphasis on Blount’s 5 Levers of Leadership? Check out the video below to recap how growing as a leader is a never-ending adventure!

Agency Owner Steve Harris on the Five Levers

Inspired much? Funnel that energy into qualifying for Liberty National Leadership Academy 301 so you can share your leadership know-how with fellow Agency Directors aspiring to become Agency Owners. And keep working on incorporating all five levers into your leadership style. Your team will thank you for it.

Share your Leadership Knowledge with Liberty National

Which lever of leadership have you aced? How does this impact your Agency? Let us know in the comments below!