There’s no doubt what you do now affects what you are able to do in the future … whether it’s attend Liberty Leadership Academy, qualify for the annual Convention, break production records, etc.

The Power of Liberty National Teamwork

The Power of Liberty National Teamwork

When strong leaders inspire, motivate, and instruct, the team’s potential for success increases tenfold. And as a team responds positively to quality leadership, those leadership skills grow and develop even more. One feeds off the other and increases success for everyone.

Failure is not an option.

There’s no better example of teamwork than the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron — The Thunderbirds, now in its 61st year of operation. The Thunderbirds are the ultimate team, because failure is never an option for any of them. How do they make it work? Obviously, extensive training and their tremendous aviation skills are a major part of the equation, but there is more to it than that. Every time they take off, they know they literally put their lives in each other’s hands. They must totally trust their teammates. After each demonstration flight, the team holds a debriefing session in which they hold back nothing. What went right, what went wrong … it’s all brought out into the open, reviewed and discussed. Total honesty from each team member keeps trust the foundation of their success and helps them stay focused on continual improvement.

How does teamwork in your Liberty National Agency stack up? Do you hold regular meetings to review your performance as a team and to review the lessons you’ve learned from both failures and successes? Do all team members accept criticism and strive for improvement, regardless of their title or position in the office hierarchy? Do team members talk openly and honestly with each other? Remember, when you can honestly confront failure, you come one step closer to achieving success. When each team member accepts full responsibility and strives for excellence, trust and performance increase exponentially … and the team is ready to spread its wings and fly.

Nothing is stopping you from achieving ultimate success at Liberty National.

I want each and every one of you to achieve success here at Liberty National. One of the steps to achieving success is attendance at Liberty National Leadership Academy. One of the things I love about Leadership Academy is that you learn from your peers as well as from the management team. And that knowledge truly is a two-way street for those of us standing at the front of the room. Your input, your questions, and comments help us to see new perspectives and be open to new ways of doing things. When we are open and honest with each other and receptive to what others can offer us, it makes a valuable difference in how well we learn to lead. And remember, part of learning to lead is making the Opportunity of a Lifetime available to others. That is just as important as accepting it for yourself. When you attend Leadership Academy, you have the chance to see the Opportunity of a Lifetime at work and to more fully grasp just how much a part of the Liberty National culture it is. When we work as a team, nothing can stop us from achieving success!