High Five Liberty NationalJust looking for a way to work in a kitty cat picture. 

Just kidding.

We’ve gotten some high-fives lately, all on Liberty National’s Leadership Academy.  Word on the street is our Managers find it to be a pretty valuable experience.  But don’t take our word for it.  Take theirs:

Juan Diaz, Unit Manager in Owen Wilson’s Branch in Orlando, Florida, says his Branch is “taking Facebook and LinkedIn to the next level for recruiting purposes.” Can’t wait to hear more on Juan’s results. 

Todd Lomenick, Unit Manager in Jason Perry’s Branch in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, says “I implemented some of the recruiting tools I learned at #LLA201 and had the best show rate I have ever had for my own personal recruiting session.” 

Hmm.  Are we seeing a trend of awesomeness in Florida? 

And how about that Branch over in Meridian, Mississippi?  #LLA101 1st Place Blog Winner, AUM, April Swancey, is all over it.  In fact, you can read her blog about it.  You can also read an article about April in the May issue of Torch Magazine. 

These are just a few of the amazing comments we’ve gotten from the field, and we hope they keep coming.  If you’ve implemented any of the tools learned at LNL Leadership Academy, drop us a comment on this post to share your success.