Rob Gray - Liberty National Life Senior Vice President

Rob Gray - Liberty National Life Senior Vice President

Building and maintaining your personal credibility at Liberty National Life Insurance Company is a practice all great leaders measure on a daily basis, and it is the essence of superior leadership.

In today’s business-at-the-speed-of-light pace, it’s all too easy to forget to pay attention to the details in:

  • Personal commitments you make to others
  • Being completely transparent to those we lead
  • Consistency in the Integrity of your character

But don’t lose sight.  It’s the essence of that consistency of your character that people notice!  Most especially to those people that look to you for leadership.

Personal credibility is the foundation of effective leadership. Truth, transparency, and candor are the cornerstones to how you are perceived as a leader … and ultimately determine just how long people will follow you.

The adage, “The Truth will set you Free,” has never been more appropriate in today’s high-paced, high-pressure business arena. The “truth” is all about how you conduct yourself, for the truth should not be spun or polished in any way.  Rather, the facts are delivered in a way so others can see the pure, human face of the leader who is delivering the message.

Credibility is about being accessible to your people all the time! We all have an invisible fence we build to protect ourselves at times by keeping others out. Sometimes this is appropriate. But if you don’t know how to deactivate it, you project a lack of authenticity that causes people to distrust you. Most of us tend to keep our invisible fences deactivated when we are totally at ease and feel accepted by others. But the true measure of being authentic is when we are authentic in difficult situations.  Learn to deactivate your “invisible fence” to those that look to you for leadership, motivation, and guidance – those are the people who take the leap of faith in you and your character to be at the helm to guide them to success.

Truth is defined as being in accordance with fact or reality. Transparency is defined as easy to perceive.  Candor is defined as the quality of being open and honest. Make it your practice to build and measure your personal credibility with everyone around you.  Understanding just how your perceived by others is the biggest asset you can have as a business leader today.

There are many corporate cultures that don’t make it easy to admit a mistake. But then again, there are many people who lack the self-confidence and courage to come clean about their performance shortfalls. All too often, people try to hide their performance shortfalls.

This lack of truth, transparency, and candor is frequently born out of a fear of failure, as opposed to viewing this disclosure as an opportunity for learning and growth. Make it your practice to define your credibility on transparency and candor.  “The truth will set you free,” also allows your personal credibility to precede you!

Too many people within organizations play the blame game, unwilling to readily acknowledge their performance shortfalls that will eventually be discovered anyway.  Playing the shell game is for festivals, not for business. Skirting the core issue(s) is playing hide-and-seek with the truth, and it slowly drains the momentum out of an organization. Playing corporate hide-and-seek comes in many different forms, and regardless of the form it takes, it is destructive to the overall effectiveness and financial performance of the organization. It is also destructive to the morale of the team.

As insurance sales leaders, we are acutely aware that we need to create a corporate culture in which people are expected to be open and honest at all times.  Great business leaders inspire their teammates to hunt for performance problem solutions in an environment built on trust, transparency, and integrity of character!

Leaders who understand that truth, transparency, and candor are essential ingredients to creating seamless partnerships and effective collaboration will succeed at attracting and retaining the best teams at Liberty National Life Insurance Company built on a culture of brutal honesty and integrity!

How can you encourage an environment of truth, transparency, and candor?