Rob Gray - Liberty National Life Senior Vice President

The ultimate reason we should want to grow our business is because we believe in what we do. I love having career leadership briefings. One of the reasons is so I can say, “Now that you understand what we do, let me tell you why we do it. We believe that on the worst day of a family’s life — the day they lose a loved one — a family deserves the right to concentrate only on that loved one and not be worried about how they are going to pay for expenses that may overwhelm them in the coming months. In simple terms, we are in the business of providing dignity and relief from worry. And frankly, one of the most important qualities we look for in our candidates is passion for what we do and compassion for those we do it for. This is the type of person we need.” This statement ultimately sets the stage to ask if they can see themselves being passionate about providing dignity and relief from worry to families.

People we recruit hope, pray, and trust that we can show them how to be successful, and people ultimately ‘hire us’ to do just that. But they must understand we take their success seriously, because this is what they ‘hire us’ to do.  We must let people know and understand we are going to do the job they ‘hire us’ to do, and they can take that to the bank. Validating our opportunity is what keeps us credible. Our integrity is directly tied to how well we show people how to be successful.

People must also understand that we are going to help them be accountable for the things they must do to become successful, and we will not allow them to fail for long.  Generally, if we do a solid job of training new Agents and show them what he or she needs to do to be successful, we can virtually guarantee their success because we have a proven system.  The breakdown comes when people don’t work the system — and don’t dance to the right choreography.  When people start down that path, we must get them back on the right track immediately.

Our recruiting philosophy is pretty simple:  what do people want, and do we offer what they are looking for?  In the final analysis, we need people looking for what we have, and people need us to show them how to capitalize on our opportunity … the Opportunity of a Lifetime!!! It’s time …

What tips do you have for new Agents seeking to truly capitalize on the Opportunity of a Lifetime?