New Orleans Culinary History Tours with Liberty NationalAt Liberty National, enjoy the most memorable and indigenous foods of Louisiana on the New Orleans Culinary History Tour during #LNLConvention2014!

Let a culinary tour guide show you the best route through the famous restaurants of the French Quarter. New Orleans’ most celebrated and historic restaurants, Antoine’s and Tujaque’s, are even stops during the tour*!

What’s Cooking at Liberty National Convention 2014?

Whether you want a culinary school-type experience, or need a guide to learn about (and test) New Orleans’ famous cocktails, New Orleans Culinary History Tour has you covered. With historical and cultural information provided throughout the adventure, tourists can absorb all they need to know about the impact food has on the city of New Orleans!

Want to learn the difference between Cajun and Creole cooking? Interested in taking a few cooking skills home with you to your kitchen?

* 2013