No one ever built an empire just by passing out business cards or making a few phone calls.

For Agents, AUMs, UMs, and BMs looking to get a leg up on Branch-building, there are countless tools and techniques available to aid you in your search for ambitious career-seekers. Here are three quick n’ easy ways to get your face seen, voice heard, and leads cultivated throughout your community.

1)  Maximize face time at community events. Most cities have an ‘Events’ page or ‘Calendar’ page on their official city or town website where you find community-sponsored events. Attend events like these in your city, and don’t forget to stuff your wallet or purse with QR code-laden business cards and flyers (available on Agency Services!) before you do. Make clear to your community the opportunity found in an insurance sales career with Liberty National!

2)  Set up a booth or table to distribute no-cost products. Call your city’s Parks and Recreation Division to request a table for your business at community events. These events are usually attended by parents and children, which present a perfect opportunity to distribute Child Safe Kits, Identity Theft Prevention brochures, and other Liberty National no-cost products.

3)  Reconnect with contacts by sending greeting cards or a thoughtful e-mail. With websites like or, even the least savvy internet user can quickly send free online greeting cards. A simple “Thinking of You, from your Liberty National Agent!” and your contact information goes a long way in maintaining a strong business relationship and developing new leads.

4)  Give special attention to your most important contacts. Determine who your top five customers were this past year. If they’re local, and especially if they’re a worksite, visit their office and drop off gourmet cookies, fruit, etc. along with a “Thanks for your Business!” card. Your best contacts’ family or friends may very well turn into your best leads.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find new, interesting ways to grow your Branch. Simply get out in the field, interact with your community and your existing contacts, and relay clearly and cohesively what The Opportunity of a Lifetime means to YOU.

The rest will, as they say, will take care of itself.

What suggestions do you have for Liberty National Agents seeking to grow their business?