Luke Gilliam - Liberty National Life Vice President of Quality Business

At Liberty National, we are in the long-term business.

Think about it.

Liberty National Agents spend days pursuing a prospect in order to help protect their family. Liberty National leaders spend weeks sheparding a recruit through the study and testing pipeline to join our Company. Liberty National clients pay premiums month after month for a policy they may not need for years. And the Company itself has built a reputation over decades that now add up for more than a century.

Yet some Managers and Agents are challenged to think longer term than their next paycheck. Why is that?

Why is that Liberty National has the richest contract in the industry on vested renewal income? Why is that Liberty National pays more for quality business that stays in force longer to be there when our customers need it most? Why is that Liberty National Agents and Managers can build generation-changing wealth that will impact their family tree long after they are gone?

Here’s a theory:  short-term thinkers lack vision.

So what’s your vision? If you have trouble answering that question, it simply means that you don’t know what’s next for you in your career at Liberty National.

Here’s the great news:  you create your own vision. And at Liberty National, you control your own destiny. How great is that?!

So, here’s the challenge I’d like to see you respond to in the comments section below: Describe your vision in 10 words or less.

For example:

  • Promote myself to Unit Manager in 90 days.
  • Own my own Agency in 5 years.
  • Be able to retire by the time I’m 50.

Here’s my vision:  $100 million per year in five years.

What’s yours?