LNL Leadership Academy 101The first day of Liberty National’s Leadership Academy came and went like a million-mile-an-hour freight train conducted by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. It was loud, intense, and expanded the minds of all those fortunate enough to witness such an event.

The day, which began with a Red Bull and coffee-fueled, crowd-surfing session, really got rolling with a heavy-hitting lineup of speakers like Rob Gray, Steve DiChiaro, and Julie Stewart. While each speaker had their own set-list of endlessly valuable information, they all tied to one idea:  CULTURE.

Specifically, the idea of establishing A CULTURE OF ROCKSTARDOM in each Branch, something every AUM present is sure to take back home and let FLOURISH.

Tomorrow, this train of ours is chug-chug-chuggin’ its way to the station to pick up an absolute all-star cast of Day 2 speakers:  SVP Roger Rich, VP Luke Gilliam, Director of Needs-Based Selling Mike Sheets … (we’d continue to list tomorrows speakers, but really, it’s just too many Rock Stars for one sentence). Just know this:  by the time these AUMs make their way home Thursday evening, their brain is gonna’ be so fried it’ll feel like they just left Woodstock – fried with KNOWLEDGE and POSITIVE ENERGY though, to be clear!!

One day down, two to go. What have you learned so far???