Get LinkedIn at Liberty National Life

Let’s talk about a powerful recruiting tool called LinkedIn. 97% of companies using Social Media use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes. You attended Liberty National Leadership Academy to learn how to build your business. Your business. You learned how to have an Agency mindset.  LinkedIn can be your tool to show you have the Agency mindset, as well as find great recruits to help you grow your business.

Get LinkedIn Liberty National Life

Overachievers, I’m talking to you. You are the ones who look for unique opportunities to get an edge over your competition. You find untapped resources and seize them to achieve your vision.  If you are serious about taking your career to the level you dream about, you need to be serious about these LinkedIn tips:

1.  Upload a professional headshot

Not just any photo.  A professional headshot. You want to be dressed in your best business attire.  No sunglasses.  This demonstrates to your potential recruits that this is a professional, license-required career.  The people who represent our products must be professional, so show them what professional looks like.

2. Edit and customize your LinkedIn URL

I recommend you be on a desktop computer when doing this step. When you are logged into LinkedIn, click on ‘Profile’. Under your photo, your LinkedIn URL should be displayed. To customize this URL, click on ‘Edit Profile,’ then click on ‘Edit’ under your picture. Customize your LinkedIn URL so it is shortened and includes your name. Then, add it to your business cards and email signature.

3. Follow Liberty National’s Official LinkedIn page

Liberty National posts breaking news on its Company LinkedIn page. You will get information real-time if you follow the Company page, and you can share that on your page for potential recruits to see.

To be a good leader, you first have to be a good follower. So, follow these tips and magical things will happen. I look forward to seeing you guys at the next Leadership Academy.