Lighters up, Eric Sellors

Yeah.  We agree with Eric Sellors.  Liberty Leadership Academy was a ROCK CONCERT!

Who DOESN’T like going to ROCK CONCERTS?

OK, so people don’t normally wear suits and ties to rock concerts, but this wasn’t your typical rock concert.  This was a rock concert for insurance sales professionals who wanna help provide some financial protection to hardworking Americans, while making a whole lotta $$$$$$ in the process.  And, don’t forget sharing The Opportunity of a Lifetime with others who might not be able to afford a rock concert because they lost a job or are only making $12K a year, like Sherri Young shared with us last week.

 Mad limobus rollin' into Home Office

FOR REAL, you get transported to the concert via ivory charter buses. Only ROCK ROYALTY rides on a charter bus. AND, there’s a FILM crew ready to get your mug on video as you’re heading into the arena (Home Office). 

VIP Access

AND, only VIP Rock Stars get VIP BACKSTAGE passes to meet with the band (VIP speakers) and learn intimate details of the insurance sales trade, all while sippin’ on as much Red Bull as you can handle. We save the Cristal for the AFTERPARTY.

While we’re not sure if Eric is waving a lighter or birthday candle, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you get fired up about Liberty National.  Fired up in a good way, like motivated, inspired, driven to take a LEAP of FAITH.  We hope to see more people like Eric at the April 101 Leadership Academy.

Remember, only the best of the best can attend Liberty’s ROCK CONCERT aka Liberty Leadership Academy. Get your lighters, or birthday candles ready for 101 in April.