Liberty National Book Club

Have you picked up your copy of this month’s featured read, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell?

The book is complete with detailed tools to transform readers into inspirational and knowledgeable leaders. Applying the 21 Laws of Leadership to your day-to-day schedule might change the way your entire Agency communicates and strategizes.

Liberty National Best Practices

Maxwell’s book can help you realize your role at Liberty National and how to apply the best practices to improve growth. If you’ve qualified for Convention 2013 in San Diego, you’ll have the opportunity to hear Maxwell speak live about his journey and this book.

Want to learn more about the book and its author? Check out his leadership blog at or visit

Which of the 21 Laws of Leadership do you need to focus on applying to your business? What is the most powerful message you’ve taken away from the book? Leave your thoughts and comments here!