Liberty National’s Agency Director Kristy Moore At last week’s Leadership Academy at the Home Office we got a chance to chat with Liberty National’s Agency Director Kristy Moore of the John Brooks Jr. Agency in Dothan, Alabama.

Not only did Kristy drive 12 hours to attend Leadership Academy 201, but she took the time to share her story and goals.

“Focus on what’s important. Money is a short-term motivator, but you have to care about people and love what you do,” Kristy says.

Kristy thinks success at Liberty National comes from a positive attitude. She believes in enthusiasm and high energy! Kristy hopes to be a legacy in her family and has a great work ethic. Her goal right now is to gain 20 Agents by December.

“I’m driven to do what it takes,” Kristy says.

Stay focused to reach your goals. Good luck Kristy!