Why I Do What I Do with Liberty NationalAt Liberty National, if you’ve had the life-changing experience of seeing a new widow receive a check, or you’ve been thanked by a policyholder’s child who can still receive higher education after the loss of a parent, you never forget the experience. At the end of the day, we do what we do to provide coverage to countless individuals and families because we care and can offer consumers some of the financial protection they need.

Our products help protect Middle America’s financial future. I’ve seen our products help save a family’s home after the loss of the breadwinner, help cancer patients afford to travel across the country for treatment, and help household bills get paid when our customers miss work due to illness or an accident. We have the opportunity to help people in the darkest moments of their lives.

Liberty National Makes a Difference

Think about it. Do you remember the salesman who you bought your last car from? Do you remember who you bought your mattress from? Most likely, no, you don’t. But would you remember the face of a Liberty National Agent who sold you a policy that later helped pay for your loved one’s final expenses, your child’s education, and your daily living expenses?

The reward and fulfillment that comes with offering a glimmer of hope to families after a loss is unlike anything else. As an Agency Owner, I get to provide others with the same opportunity that was shared with me. I get to help others build a career in this industry so they can enjoy a nice living, while truly helping financially protect Americans with life insurance. Why do you do what you do?

Before I was part of Liberty National, my pay was topped out. I was as far as I could go in the retail industry, and I knew a career in sales would allow me to increase my income. When I saw the opportunity at Liberty National for not only a better paycheck, but the ability to build real wealth through renewals, it was an easy decision.

Strive For Success

I urge you to advance or climb your career ladder sooner rather than later. The Company provides systems that have proven effective, and it’s our job to utilize those systems daily to enable success. One of the best parts of my career is watching the transformation of people who come into this industry knowing nothing about insurance to later become successful Agents, Supervising Agents, Agency Directors, and Agency Owners. We all get to earn the type of living we deserve at Liberty National.

Whatever effort you put into this career, you will get back tenfold. Believe in yourself and the opportunity Liberty National offers. Work hard consistently, and this Company will change your life.