LNL Misses Its Field Force After Leadership Academy

Yeah, it kind of feels like this at the Home Office.  Still got our party hats on, only you guys went back to your Branches to implement all the good stuff you learned.  Oh well.  There’s always the next Liberty National Leadership Academy, right?


In the meantime, we’re busy getting ready for the next crew to come to town.

  • Lower disco ball.  Check.
  • More room on the dance floor.  Check.
  • Order more Red Bull.  Check.

Seriously though.  We’re always gonna try to make it better than the last time.  That’s why you always gotta work hard to get here.  To make sure you’re on the cutting edge of the insurance sales profession. Liberty National’s Leadership Academy is a prestigious environment of higher professional learning.

We’re curious to know how our past graduates are doing.  Share some of your greatest successes by posting a comment to this Blog.  We want to know how LNL Leadership Academy helped you grow and improve.