Welcome to Liberty National Leadership AcademyWelcome to the Home Office, Liberty National Leadership Academy Attendees! Make yourself at home – you’ve earned it. After all, you’ve applied and qualified  for this prestigious leadership-training program. So get ready to have fun, learn a ton, and get inspired for greatness!

What can you expect at Liberty National’s #LLA101? 


-       Networking: Look around. You’re surrounded by peers as successful as you are. This is your chance to seek insight from one another and make life-long Liberty National connections.

-       Training: You’ll hear from of the most notable leaders in the insurance industry (like CAO Steve DiChiaro and SVP Rob Gray, just to name a few). Theseguys are sure to send you home pumped and inspired!

-       Social Media Galore:  At #LLA101 you can meet with our team of media experts to brush up on the most innovative techniques for FREE promotion! Plus, there are going to be A LOT of giveaways for Liberty National Social Media all-stars.

Are you ready for this? Tell us below what you’re most excited for at Liberty National Leadership Academy!