Liberty National - IT’S TIME to Get Back the BIG MO!In a recent issue of Torch, Liberty National highlighted the 16th law of John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership … the Law of the BIG MO. The BIG MO is MOMENTUM. Maxwell views momentum as a leader’s best friend and feels you must harness its power to succeed. An organization with momentum is like a high-speed train moving 185 miles an hour — almost impossible to stop. After hearing John Maxwell speak in person at the 2013 Convention at the Del, there’s not a doubt in my mind — he is 100 percent correct.

Where does momentum come from? Who creates it? How can you make momentum an integral part of your Agency? You’ve all probably seen, either on TV or online, dominoes set up in an elaborate layout by someone aiming for a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records. Usually the dominoes cover a large area of floor space. On cue, someone knocks down the first domino; it falls against the second; the second falls against the third, and the process of knocking down every domino in the room begins. One small domino affects the position of every other domino in the room. It’s not so different in your Agency.

Create Momentum at Liberty National

One individual with momentum can energize every other person in your Agency with that same momentum. And it doesn’t have to be your Agency Owner. You — whether Agency Owner, Agency Director, Supervising Agent, or Agent — can be the one to create the momentum needed to excite and energize the rest of your team.

IT’S TIME to revitalize your team. But being excited about what you do is only the first step. You must take that excitement and the momentum it creates and make it work for you. Once you have the momentum, it takes commitment to follow through with it and keep it going. Remember, the stronger the momentum builds, the harder it is to stop … like the high-speed train roaring along the track at 185 miles an hour.


New recruits bring an enthusiasm and energy to your Agency that can help create and sustain momentum. Increased Agent count equates to increased submitting Agent count, which equates to increased excitement, increased momentum, and increased commitment to keep it all going. Unlike dominoes that fall, the momentum you create builds and sustains success for you, your team, and ultimately, for Liberty National. We’ve made a good start, but we still have a long way to go.

I see every day as a new beginning. I come to work excited about the potential that day holds. If I didn’t achieve all I wanted to the previous day, I can work on achieving it today. Every day offers you a fresh start too, so be excited about what you do and what you can achieve by doing it.

Step out, step UP, and COMMIT … NOW!!