Liberty National - Tell Everyone What You’re Passionate About

Liberty National – Tell Everyone What You’re Passionate About

Tell everyone at Liberty National what your passionate about … As a matter of fact, YELL IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP! or from the sidelines…. it translates!

My real passion is coaching life …? I mean … youth football. Well, you get it. It’s one in the same. Let me explain. Having played football at a few different levels and now being able to pass along my ‘hard earned knowledge’ to young men is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You get what you give. My young players are all going to be great teammates, students, citizens, husbands, fathers and above all leaders. I was honored every single day I got to be around such motivated and inspiring young athletes. Having some part in their personal development makes it all so rewarding.

Competition Builds Preparation

100 percent of the kids we coach will play sports for a living! That’s right, 100 percent. Can someone challenge me that life, in and of itself, is not a sport? That in America we reward the focused, driven and committed individuals? What adult that makes a living in this country doesn’t have to compete in some way or another for their livelihood? What youth football coach in America (that’s worth his salt- thanks Vince) isn’t preparing young men for their future and building a solid foundation for success in any endeavor that life has to offer?

Football is a metaphor for life. Anyone that has played this game to the high school level knows this to be true. The top Agent at the office, the focused and committed surgeon that operates on you, the person that tunes your car engine up, the person that builds your home, they’re all striving to earn your business. This is America, we welcome competition for EVERYTHING! It’s the fabric of our society. What makes you successful is your desire, commitment and dedication to be the best at what you do. Hmmmm, where have I heard that before? Harvard business school’s first rule of business is if you don’t have a competitive edge, don’t compete! Maybe that’s just something we should wait to tell our kids when they’re in say college? Yeah, sounds about right. They’ll be much more mature at that point and better prepared to handle it. Hello! “Yes, Mrs. Jones, we are running sprints at the end of practice and painful as it might be for you to watch, your son struggle … he’ll make it.”

Create a Foundation at Liberty National

Football more than any other sport relates to how working hard tends to make good things happen and how being part of a team leads to a deep sense of pride and self-respect. Football coaches have a responsibility to help create a foundation in their players that teaches them that hard work will be rewarded! Preparation is the key to success and the team comes first. We were taught these things by our coaches at the exact same age as our players are now. We have an obligation to give back what we got. No?

I have no complaints at all, I loved coaching my son and his friends and we got so much out of the total experience that I am still glowing with pride both as a father and a coach! I had an opportunity helping in some small way. I got to positively shape the lives of my kids. And, what I get back from this experience made the 25 plus hours per week I volunteered pale by comparison. My advice to business leaders is to get passionate and stay that way … every minute. Every hour of every day….