“Create NO small blueprint. Dare to dream the big dream. Once a big dream is recorded, it will never die, until you  touch it with your hand and see it with your eye.” -Earl Nightingale

VISION: A dynamic more profitable Agency.

Structure. Systems. Strategies. Standards.

Planning Before Doing

Shashi Parekh - Liberty National Director

Shashi Parekh – Liberty National Director

Planning comes before the doing, and planning is just as important as the doing. Planning focuses on philosophical beliefs, organizational structure (ADs and  SAs), producers, and their numbers.

Your attitude and thinking exert an enormous influence on what happens in the organization. You (the AO), play the dominant role. You provide the directional force that brings about the desired results. Make the right things happen when you consistently reinforce the basics and demonstrate your belief in them.

Commitment climbs when your associates see your passion. They catch the feeling. Commitment is highly contagious. The more consuming your commitment, the more your associates will rally to the cause and achievement of the plan. Your passion and intensity, your focus and dedication carry the maximum INFLUENCE over the level of commitment you can expect from the team.

Like it or not, you (the AO) set the climate. Associates always  take a reading on the individual in charge. When it comes to building the plan and gaining total commitment to its fulfillment, YOU must take the lead.

Attitude at Liberty National is the Speaker of our Present. It is the Prophet of our Future.

UNSPECTACULAT PREPARATION – Surprisingly, most Agency Builders don’t take the time to construct a blue print for success. Most Agency building success stories don’t appear suddenly and fully formed. They bloom over months and years as benchmarks are reached.

We often quote Roger Staubach’s reflection after being introduced at Canton, Ohio, on his selection to the professional football hall of fame. Roger stated, “Spectacular achievements are always the result of unspectacular preparation.”

That is true in life- and in Agency building.

At Liberty National the key to effective planning at the producer level is guiding the process through effective commitment. It’s important to recognize essential principles of good planning through GOAL setting strategy.

Let’s review the four principles of goal setting strategy:

1. GOALS MUST BE ACHIEVABLE. Properly established goals are attainable only with a maximum effort. Set them realistically HIGH.

2. GOALS MUST BE BELIEVABLE. This is closely related to the first criteria. Goals must reflect realism, not idealism. They must be things you are convinced can be achieved.

3. GOALS MUST BE MEASURABLE. Think about an athletic event. Would you find the contest interesting if there was no score board? What makes the game exciting is knowing the score and how much time is remaining. Goals become challenging only when they are measurable.

4. GOALS MUST HAVE DEADLINES. Time is the most precious commodity. It can never be replaced. Goals must have deadlines if time is to be profitable.

“I expect to spend the rest of my life in the future so I want to be reasonably sure of what kind of future it’s going to be. That is my reason for planning.” –Charles Kettering