“Give yourself something to work towards- constantly!”-Mary Kay Ash

Liberty National: Successful Women in History Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., was a well-known and respected American business woman. Whether you recognize her brand by the pink company Cadillacs her top producers received, or you know someone who sells her famous beauty products, Mary Kay’s name is one that stands out and is respected by many.

Early in her career, Mary Kay turned her discouragement (from seeing males get the best promotions in the office) in to her personal form of motivation. She started her own company to operate in synch with her successful business strategies. Mary Kay believed all women deserved to feel empowered and successful, and they could move up in their careers by helping each other succeed.

Mary Kay passed away in 2001, but left a thriving company behind that today has more than 2.5 million consultants worldwide, all committed to selling the products she believed in. Even after her death, Mary Kay is recognized as a leader and female entrepreneur in American history*.

Make a Name for Yourself at Liberty National

At Liberty National Life Insurance Company, make a name for yourself that people remember because of the business you build and the goals you accomplish. Take advantage of the additional learning opportunities offered, such as Leadership Academy, to give you the extra edge you need. The Company sets no limits on your success. As a female Agent, Agency Director, or Agency Owner, what can you learn from Mary Kay’s career and legacy to make a positive impact at Liberty National?

*aboutmarykay.com, 2013