When creating an effective Social Media strategy, engaging your audience is key. You want to grab your followers’ attention, and keep it. So what are some ways to captivate them? When you are perusing your Facebook news feed what’s more likely to stop your scroll:  a long, drawn-out, novel-like post, or the newest cat meme? If it were me, I’d go with the cats!

Visual content can inspire and engage your audience in a way text can’t. Our brains love images. In fact, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text*. So to the human eye, photos and videos can turn posts from drab to fab. But it’s not always easy to know when to post what.

Photos are great to share a single thought or idea, but videos can tell a whole story. However, in today’s fast-paced society you’re lucky if you can hold people’s attention for more than a minute or two. So how can you find the perfect middle ground? Use an animated GIF image!

The Best of Both Worlds

Think of GIFs as a hybrid between a still image and a video. GIFs are great because they are easy for your audience to consume. They give you the movement of a video with the succinctness of a photo. They are perfect for garnering users’ attention. Need convincing? Check out the example below!

Liberty National Gets Animated!

Happy Dance

If you’re a regular here at Liberty National Blog, you know we have this awesome event called Leadership Academy, where qualifying Agents come to the Home Office for a rockin’ workshop on Leadership Development. Something that has become an #LLA101 staple is the ‘Happy Dance’. Sounds pretty fun, right? Agents get to show off killer dance moves during business hours. Now we could sit here all day long and tell you how cool it is, but that could take forever. With a GIF we can SHOW you. Again, and again, and again.

The posting possibilities are endless with animated GIF images. Post humorous GIFs on Facebook or Twitter to display Company culture, or include an eye-catching GIF in email blasts to initiate a call to action.

What do you love about animated GIFs? Will you incorporate them in your Social Media strategy? Share your thoughts with us!