If Social Media marketers got together to create a Hollywood blockbuster, I think they’d call it something like Indiana Jones and the Quest to Create Viral Content. Because consciously and accurately crafting Social Media virality is about as plausible as a whip-wielding, super hero-esque archaeologist. And, for us, the Temple of Doom’s got nothing on the daunting task of attempting to predict what will go viral.

What does it mean to “go viral”?

When a post, video, Tweet, or piece of online content resonates with an audience so much that it’s shared widely and quickly, it can go viral. It’s the kind of content you went to bed knowing nothing about and wake up with all over your Social Media feeds, featured on your favorite morning show, and your coworkers are abuzz about. It might be controversial, mind-blowing, entertaining, but usually, it’s hilarious. And really (really) hard to replicate.

Think of YouTube classics like Charlie Bit My Finger , Rebecca Black’s Friday, and even the more serious in tone Kony 2012 .

Think of well-known company and celebrity tweets gone awry. Think of memes that seem to get a repost among your friends on a daily basis.

Now, you’re thinking viral. And you want in on the action. You want to use this Internet phenomenon to promote your Agency.Go-Viral-with-liberty-national

When will Liberty National Make Viral Happen?

Think of viral as the new fetch. It’s not going to just happen. It’s not that easy. If there were a formula, we’d share it. Honestly. But if all content went viral, none of it would (sounds a little like owning your own Liberty National Agency:  if it were easy, everyone would do it).

So I can’t promise you any piece of content, no matter how strategically crafted, will assuredly go viral. But on a smaller scale, you can use Facebook insights to see which of your posts get more shares. Maybe your followers love sharing your page’s success story posts. Maybe they can’t get enough of your funny office vids. And maybe those shares are getting more shares from friends of friends. If you’re achieving small-scale virality, you’re leaving a footprint on the Social Media landscape. You’re promoting your business. And you’re doing it a cost-effective, fun way.

Now I have two questions for you:  What’s your favorite piece of viral content? And what do you think factored into it going viral? Share with me in the comments below!