You’ve likely been using Social Media to leverage recruiting and communication with the Millennials and Gen Xers for years. But with the multitude of Social Media platforms growing everyday, it’s hard impossible to keep up. Don’t worry – you’ve got a Social Media friend in me! Let’s talk trending and spark your Liberty National social savvy. This week we’ll cover two words you’re probably hearing a lot lately:  selfie and Snapchat.

Liberty National Breaks Down the Selfie

Baby Boomers may have been deemed the ‘Me’ Generation, but Millennials are undoubtedly Generation ‘Selfie’. From music to movies to political controversies, ‘selfie’ became last year’s buzzword. It even made the Oxford English Dictionary. Whether a constant distraction or periodic indulgence for your younger (and maybe some of your older) Agents, the selfie is now a staple in self-expression.

Let’s break down the components of a selfie. To accurately capture a photo of yourself, you must strike a pose familiar to those of us who have hunted for a cell signal (such a 2004 reference):  one arm outstretched, phone in hand and angled toward your face. From there, struggle to hit the ‘capture’ button and, voilà, selfie!

Liberty National Takes on the Selfie

Snap to Social Media with Liberty National

Here’s where Social Media comes into play. No selfie-respecting person is going to let that picture sit on a phone’s camera roll. Selfies are meant to be shared with the world. Instagram is the notorious destination for many a selfie, but Snapchat has become the true jelly to the selfie’s peanut butter.

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send photos, videos, and short messages to contacts. The twist:  these messages disappear after they are viewed. So when Sally Cool Snapchats a selfie in front of her One Direction poster, she doesn’t have to worry this photo will go viral on Facebook. Only a select group of Sally’s friends can view it, and it vanishes from Cyberspace after a few seconds. CAUTION:  Fast fingers and smart phones can get around this disappearing act with a quick screenshot. Consider yourself warned.

How do Selfies and Snapchat Impact Liberty National?

Focus on how these Social Media phenomena affect your Agency. You’re witnessing a change in the media landscape. Visual communication is going virtual, and expected response times are getting shorter, especially among the younger Agents in your office. The demand for quick, visual responses should factor into building rapport with your Agents and recruits. I’m not suggesting you create an Agency Snapchat, but think fast with platforms like Twitter, and build your Agency’s visual presence on apps like Instagram.

Do you feel that? You just became a selfie/Snapchat expert! Maybe not, but at least you’re considering what they mean to your business. Tell us below – do your Agents use Snapchat? How does it influence their communication styles? I want to hear all about it. But first, let me take a selfie…