Liberty National at Preservation Hall in New OrleansLiberty National Agents are getting fired-up for Convention in New Orleans! The event will be here before you know it. Among the many things visitors of New Orleans must see and take part in while visiting the historic city is Preservation Hall.

History of the Hall

Preservation Hall came to be in 1961, and served as a location to preserve New Orleans’ traditional jazz music. The hall was created to protect and honor the musical form which lost much of its popularity with the new presence of modern jazz and rock music*. Today it still stands among the other unique and historical buildings within the French Quarter. Preservation Hall offers performances featuring local bands which attribute to legendary jazz musicianship.

Liberty National at the Historical Venue

Preservation Hall is open seven days a week and showcases multiple performances every night. Most days of the week people line the streets to get a glimpse of the historical building and hear the loud melodies of the traditional jazz music.

Let the Big Easy’s music scene take you back to a simpler time. Looking forward to #LNLConvention2014 in New Orleans? Can’t you just hear the jazz music already? What’s on your must-see list while you’re at Convention?

*, 2013