Liberty National: Port Pontchartrain Lighthouse New Orleans, LouisianaAttention Liberty National Agents! #LNLConvention2014 will be here before you know it! New Orleans has so many fun and unique activities for visitors and tourists. While you’re in town you may want to visit the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park to see the Port Pontchartrain Lighthouse.

Liberty National Learns the History of the Lighthouse

Lake Pontchartrain is 40 miles long from east to west and 24 miles wide in some spots. At its east end the lake is connected to the Gulf of Mexico by the Rigolets. The city of New Orleans is on an isthmus between the lake and the Mississippi River*.

Built in 1855, the Port Pontchartrain Lighthouse was the third generation lighthouse built at this particular site. When the lighthouse was built it was 1,000 feet into the water, but it’s now on land due to coastal reclamation projects conducted in the early 1900s. Until 1983 this area was Pontchartrain Beach, New Orleans’ most popular amusement park. Port Pontchartrain Lighthouse was a key landmark**.

The University of New Orleans acquired the property in 1991 from the New Orleans Levee District. The lighthouse remains in good condition and the locals and historians have countless stories and facts about the area’s popular old lighthouse.

Interested in learning more or seeing the site for yourself during Convention? What do you know about the lighthouses of New Orleans?

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